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Bonus Engine Unleashed

Unleash the power of our Bonus Engine-a key player in acquisition and retention. Customize promotions with a flexible bonus system, strategically position games, and run concurrent, impactful marketing campaigns.

Elevate excitement with our Jackpot feature, maximizing player engagement and loyalty.

Bonus Engine Unleashed

Elevate Your Experience with Powerful Bonuses

Elevate excitement with our Jackpot feature, maximizing player engagement and loyalty.

Explore the Bonus Engine-your key to player acquisition and retention. Customize promotions with a flexible bonus system, featuring strategic game positioning and shared liquidity tournaments. Run multiple promotions concurrently across providers for heightened marketing impact. Elevate the thrill with our Jackpot feature, creating a dynamic and enticing gaming environment. Maximize player engagement and loyalty with our innovative Bonus Engine.

Limitless Bonuses Icon
Limitless Bonuses

Offer diverse bonuses like cash, free spins, sports free bets, and more, enhancing player engagement.

Cross-Product Bonusing Icon
Cross-Product Bonusing

Seamlessly cross-sell across vendors and products, creating a unified and engaging player experience.

Automated Cost Management Icon
Automated Cost Management

Ensure efficient cost control with automated cost management, optimizing bonus campaigns.

In-Depth Reporting Icon
In-Depth Reporting

Benefit from detailed reporting and actionable data for precise control and strategic decision-making.

Versatile Triggers Icon
Versatile Triggers

Utilize multi-trigger programs for deposit, registration, login, claim, and wagering, ensuring targeted and effective bonusing strategies.

Limitless Creativity Icon
Limitless Creativity

Cultivate an imaginative environment with unique bonus campaigns, events, and gamification elements.

Timeless Tech's Jackpot System

Embrace Gamification Brilliance

Jackpot Templates

Pre-built templates with extensive settings provide flexibility and customization options.

Player Group Management

Qualify different player groups for various jackpots, ensuring tailored rewards for diverse segments.

API-Driven Integration

Straightforward API integration with customization options, offering a fully virtualized service.

Unlimited Jackpot Campaigns

Launch simultaneous campaigns for unlimited jackpot possibilities, driving player engagement.

Explore Jackpot Engine-a gamification solution offering full control and flexibility. Boost player acquisition and retention with customizable jackpot behaviors, secure wins, and regulatory compliance.

Multi-operator Jackpot Solution

Harness the power of single or multiple entities to create advanced jackpot pools for an immersive experience.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment jackpots with custom groups called wallet groups for personalized gaming experiences.

Multi-currency Support

Seamlessly support multiple currencies, with conversions ensuring fair play and jackpot winnings.

Jackpot triggers

Jackpot system supports time and size based triggers.

Multiple Types and Scheduling

Explore diverse jackpot types and scheduling abilities, creating a dynamic gaming environment.

Advanced reports

Jackpot offers advanced report metrics that enable fine tuning and higher cost control capabilities.

Fully Customizable Jackpots

All Possibilities at Your Fingertips

Tailor jackpot experiences with configurable hit probabilities, multi-level setups, and bundled jackpots.

Cost Control and Compliance

Master the Art of Control

Ensure cost control through seed and contribution settings, maintaining regulatory compliance.

Secure and Fair Wins

Building Trust and Satisfaction

Guarantee players secure, fair, and random jackpot wins, building trust and satisfaction.

Actionable Data and Reporting

Maximize Success with Actionable Insights

Benefit from detailed reporting and automated rewards, optimizing jackpot campaigns.

Our Jackpot helps elevate brand competitiveness, attracting new players, and retaining existing ones. The comprehensive software module offers a range of features, ensuring a customizable and seamless jackpot experience for players and operators alike.

Timeless Tech's Tournament Solution

Ignite Player Power

Limitless Bonus Types

From cash bonuses and free spins to sports free bets and multi-level wagering bonuses, offer a diverse range to keep players engaged.

Cross-Product Bonusing

Seamlessly cross-sell across vendors and products, providing a unified and engaging experience for players.

Deep Configuration and Automation

Configure detailed settings with exclusion and wagering requirement contributions, tackling bonus abuse while rewarding valued player segments.

Actionable Data and Reporting

Benefit from detailed reporting and automated rewards through versatile triggers, ensuring effective and targeted bonusing strategies.

Experience the Tournament System-a powerful solution for creating and managing advanced tournaments. With operator tournament support, multi-language capabilities, and rule-based points systems, the Tournament System enhances the competitive edge of your gaming platform.

Operator tournament solution

Tournament system supports single operator advanced tournaments creation.

Advanced points system

Rule based points system for where for every bet you can receive a different amount of points based on bet size and win size.

Multi Language

All tournament widgets and tournament descriptions support multiple languages.

Position based reward system

Multiple awards can be assigned for the same position. For example 1 position gets 100 EUR + 5 Raffle tickets.

Advanced scheduling feature

Tournaments have a fixed duration in minutes and advanced scheduling features such as Every Monday in January or Every Friday at 8pm.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Enhance player engagement with a dynamic real-time leaderboard, showcasing live standings and fostering a thrilling competitive atmosphere.

Responsive Customer Support

Instant Answers Before You Blink

Offer timely and supportive customer service throughout the tournament, addressing player queries and concerns promptly.

Secure Financial Transactions

Security Stronger Than Fort Knox Vaults

Implement robust security measures for transactions related to tournament participation, ensuring the safety of entry fees and reward distributions.

Transparency and Fairness

Transparency So Clear, Like Silk

Ensure transparency in scoring mechanisms and rules, providing players with a clear understanding of how points are awarded and positions determined.

Customizable Tournament Structures

Options, That Even Chess Would Blush

Allow operators to customize tournament structures to fit specific preferences, enabling a diverse range of tournament experiences tailored to different player segments.

Discover the power of Timeless Tech's comprehensive Bonus Engine, seamlessly integrating innovative tools for an unparalleled gaming adventure.