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Timeless Tech Announces Exciting New Partnership with RubyPlay

Discover RubyPlay, a leading iGaming game provider, and explore their top games, strategic markets, and new partnership with Timeless Tech's Game Aggregator. Learn about their success in LATAM and Asia.

Unlock the Thrills: RubyPlay's Top Casino Games Now Available with Timeless Tech

RubyPlay: A Leading iGaming Game Provider


RubyPlay is a renowned iGaming game provider known for its innovative and engaging casino games. With a strong portfolio of top-performing games and a strategic focus on key geographical markets, RubyPlay continues to expand its influence in the gaming industry. Timeless Tech is excited to announce a new partnership with RubyPlay, integrating their games into our Game Aggregator. This collaboration promises to bring numerous benefits to both companies and our clients. In this article, we'll delve into RubyPlay's background, highlight their top games, and discuss their success in various markets, including our strategic GEOs, LATAM and Asia.


About RubyPlay

History and Mission

RubyPlay, established in 2018, quickly made a name for itself in the iGaming industry. The company is dedicated to creating engaging and innovative slot games that provide players with a thrilling gaming experience. RubyPlay's mission is to blend top-tier gaming mechanics with captivating graphics and sounds, ensuring each game is unique and enjoyable.

Core Values

RubyPlay's core values focus on innovation, player satisfaction, and continuous improvement. They strive to push the boundaries of game design, leveraging the latest technologies to create immersive and exciting games. Player feedback is at the heart of their development process, ensuring that each release meets the high standards expected by their audience.


RubyPlay's Top 10 Games

  • Mayan Cache

Mayan Cache is a popular slot game featuring ancient Mayan themes with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay. Players are drawn to its immersive atmosphere and rewarding bonus features.

  • Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven offers a captivating wilderness experience with beautiful graphics and a variety of wild-themed bonuses. The game’s unique mechanics keep players coming back for more.

  • Sunset Thunder

Sunset Thunder is an adrenaline-pumping slot game with a racing theme. Its dynamic features and high-speed action make it a favorite among players who love fast-paced gameplay.

  • Dragon Prophecy

Dragon Prophecy takes players on a mythical journey with dragons and magic. The game's enchanting theme and rewarding features make it a standout title in RubyPlay’s portfolio.

  • Egyptian Sun

Egyptian Sun brings ancient Egypt to life with its rich graphics and thematic bonuses. Players enjoy exploring the mysteries of the pyramids while chasing big wins.

  • Grand Express Action Class

Grand Express Action Class offers a luxurious train journey with a chance to win big. The game’s elegant design and engaging features appeal to a wide range of players.

  • Ninjas vs. Samurai

Ninjas vs. Samurai pits two iconic warriors against each other in a thrilling slot game. Its unique theme and exciting bonus rounds keep players entertained.

  • Hot and Heavy

Hot and Heavy is a fiery slot game with hot rod themes and explosive bonuses. Players are attracted to its vibrant design and high-energy gameplay.

  • Panda Luck

Panda Luck is a charming slot game featuring adorable pandas and lucky symbols. Its light-hearted theme and rewarding features make it a popular choice among players.

  • Mystic Elements

Mystic Elements combines natural elements with mystical symbols to create a captivating slot game. Players enjoy its unique theme and engaging bonus features.


Strategic GEOs for RubyPlay


RubyPlay has established a strong presence in the LATAM market, particularly in Brazil and Argentina. Their recent partnership with Betsul in Brazil highlights their commitment to expanding in this region. LATAM is known for its rapidly growing iGaming market, and RubyPlay's localized content and strategic partnerships have positioned them as a leading game provider in this area.

South Korea

In Asia, RubyPlay has targeted South Korea as a key market. The country's vibrant gaming culture and increasing acceptance of online casinos make it an ideal market for RubyPlay's innovative games. By tailoring their games to suit local preferences and leveraging partnerships with prominent operators, RubyPlay continues to strengthen its foothold in South Korea.


RubyPlay and Timeless Tech Partnership

Partnership Benefits

The partnership between RubyPlay and Timeless Tech's Game Aggregator brings numerous benefits to both companies and our clients. RubyPlay gains access to Timeless Tech's extensive network of operators, expanding their reach and player base. Meanwhile, Timeless Tech enhances its game offering with RubyPlay's high-quality and engaging slots, providing our clients with more diverse and appealing content.

Integration with Game Aggregator

Integrating RubyPlay's games into our Game Aggregator is a seamless process, ensuring that our clients can quickly and easily access these new titles. The addition of RubyPlay’s games enhances our portfolio, offering players a wider selection of high-quality and innovative games.


RubyPlay's Market Performance

Data Analysis

RubyPlay's games have consistently performed well in various markets. According to data from casino review sites, their top games like Mayan Cache and Dragon Prophecy have received high ratings and positive player feedback. These games are praised for their engaging themes, unique features, and generous payouts.

Player Feedback

Player feedback is crucial for RubyPlay, and they regularly gather insights to improve their games. Players appreciate the immersive graphics, entertaining themes, and rewarding bonus features of RubyPlay's slots. This positive feedback reflects in their strong market performance and growing popularity.


FAQs about RubyPlay and Timeless Tech Partnership

What is RubyPlay known for?

RubyPlay is known for creating innovative and engaging slot games with unique themes and high-quality graphics.

Which markets are RubyPlay focusing on?

RubyPlay focuses on key markets such as LATAM, particularly Brazil and Argentina, and Asia, especially South Korea.

What are the benefits of the partnership between RubyPlay and Timeless Tech?

The partnership brings RubyPlay's games to Timeless Tech's Game Aggregator, expanding RubyPlay's reach and providing Timeless Tech’s clients with a wider selection of high-quality games.

How do RubyPlay’s games perform in the market?

RubyPlay’s games perform well, with high ratings and positive player feedback, particularly for their engaging themes and rewarding features.

What are some of RubyPlay's top games?

Some of RubyPlay's top games include Mayan Cache, Wolf Haven, Sunset Thunder, Dragon Prophecy, and Egyptian Sun.

How does Timeless Tech integrate RubyPlay’s games?

Timeless Tech integrates RubyPlay’s games seamlessly into its Game Aggregator, ensuring quick and easy access for clients.



The partnership between RubyPlay and Timeless Tech marks an exciting new chapter for both companies. RubyPlay's innovative and engaging games, combined with Timeless Tech's extensive network and advanced Game Aggregator, promise to deliver a superior gaming experience to players worldwide. By focusing on strategic markets like LATAM and South Korea, RubyPlay is poised for continued growth and success in the global iGaming industry.



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